August 20, 2015

California Competes Committee Approves $31 Million in Tax Credits for 56 Companies Adding Jobs in California

Dasco is awarded Tax Credit incentives for investments to expand and add jobs in California by  Governor?s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz).

?The California Competes tax credit continues to demonstrate that it is one of the most effective tools for encouraging companies to expand and add jobs in California,? said committee chair Michael E. Rossi. ?This group of awardees will add jobs in nearly every region of the state further contributing to California?s position as the most dynamic economy in the world.?

?California?s economy not only outpaces U.S. expansion but it has become one of the nation?s leaders in job creation," said Treasurer [John] Chiang. "The California Competes tax credit will help entrepreneurial Californians invest in their businesses, hire more people, and continue to grow the Golden State?s economy.?
The award is projected to add 57 additional jobs and includes up to $1,000,000 in tax credits.

Link to the list of the 56 companies:

August 18, 2015

New Installation of Cincinnati 3-spincle, 5-axis Gantry in Long Beach

The installation of the 5th Cincinnati 3-spindle, 5-axis gantry has begun in the Long Beach, California facility.  The gantry will consist of a 90 foot bed, allowing the addition of two additional gantries in the future.  The four existing gantries in Torrance, are set up with two gantries on each of the 60 foot beds.  The new installation in Long Beach will provide additional roughing and finishing to compliment the ongoing Torrance operations.  Completion of the installation is planned for 1st quarter 2016.  

August 18, 2015

Long Beach Office Upgrades

Following the purchase of two buildings in Long Beach, California, Dasco commenced upgrades to the existing offices in both buildings.  The upgrades include new split system air conditioning, LED lighting, new windows, doors, paint, and flooring.  This upgrade will provide a comfortable, efficient working environment for management, administrative, and engineering personnel, and improved access for shop personnel.  

August 18, 2015

Purchase of Mazak Vortex e1068V/8, 5-axis machining center with a Palletech manufacturing cell.

In August of 2015 Dasco placed an order for the first of the Mazak Vortex machines, with an option to add up to three additional machines.

Equipped with a tilting spindle, the machine has full 5-axis and multiple-surface machining capabilities that allow it to productively cut large, complex parts from titanium, aluminum and steel.  The 50hp, CAT 50 spindle has a 10,000 rpm maximum.

The machine comes with a two-pallet changer that provides unattended operations and off-cycle part setup. This simple, efficient form of automation allows operators to load, unload and inspect parts on one pallet while the machine works on the other undisturbed.

August 18, 2015

Palletech Manufacturig Cell

 The PALLETECH Manufacturing Cell is a highly productive manufacturing cell designed to provide automated material handling and scheduling capabilities for up to (8) eight machines and (100) one hundred pallets, and optional capability to include a variety of advanced automation features. The cell features quick and easy expandability, using pre-engineered modules and field proven software. 

With the PALLETECH Manufacturing Cell controller software over standard PCs and networks, shop management can monitor operations, view and change schedules on-the-fly, manage part program files from anywhere on the network, track tool life/breakage and issue instructions to the shop floor. Users are able to interrupt a planned machining queue and produce an emergency part with no cost penalty.

August 18, 2015

Purchase of Long Beach buildings

Dasco completes purchase of two buildings, adjacent to the Long Beach Airport.  The buildings, located at 3100 and 3200 Airport Way, provide an additional 45,000 square feet of space for expanding machining and assembly operations.  The buildings, leased by Dasco since 2011, are undergoing renovations for improved (LED) lighting, fresh paint on the interior and exterior, upgraded electrical power, and compressed air distribution throughout both buildings. The buildings will provide for the  Installation of two recently acquired machines, which will take place in the new buildings during 2015; a Cincinnati 3-spindle, 5-axis gantry, and Mazak Vortex e1068 V8 5-axis machining center with a Palletech manufacturing cell.

August 18, 2015

Long Beach Inspection Room Upgrades

In June, Dasco completed upgrades in the inspection room to provide a temperature controlled environment for inspection and an installation of an additional large CMM; the Mitutoyo ?Bright 916? 5-Axis CMM, identical to the CMM located in the Torrance facility.  The new inspection room also provides office space for customer source inspectors.

May 2014

Installation of SNK CMV-150 5-axis Machining Center

Dasco completes installation of an SNK CMV-150, 5-axis machining center with two 59? (1500mm) pallets.  The CMV-150 features a CAT 50 tilting spindle head, with built in spindle motor, and a full rotary table.  

Axes travels of 79?(X), 60?(Y), and 67? (Z), and a maximum workpiece weight of 14,300 pounds, provides the capability of machining large, complex parts with minimal setups. 

February 28, 2009

Boeing 787 First flight

Dasco,a provider of edge frames and other components for the 787, congratulates Boeing on the Dreamliners first flight
November 28, 2007

DASCO adds two machining centers

DASCO adds two identical Okuma & Howa Millac 852v 5-axis machining centers.  These CAT50 taper machines, with 80 inch tables, will be used in a cell for producing titanium structural chords for a commercial transport aircraft program.
June 6, 2007

Dasco Receives Certification

Dasco receives third party certification for AS9100 Rev. B:2004 and ISO9001:2000, Quality Management System for Aerospace, for the manufacture of components and assemblies for military and commercial aircraft.
October 28, 2006

Silver Supplier Rating

DASCO achieves Boeing Silver Supplier rating for quality performance.Fourth Cincinnati 5-Axis, 3-Spindle CNC gantry is operational, and number five is on site ready for installation.
September 28, 2006

F-22 Contracts

F-22 Lot 6 contracts awarded. DASCO receives all renewed Lot 6 F22 contracts (valued at $9,000,000+).
July 26, 2006

Landing Gear Assembly

DASCO enters into a multiyear partnership for a landing gear fitting assembly (valued at $1,500,000).
May 29, 2004

Dasco Expands CNC Capability

Dasco expands CNC programming capability with the addition of CATIA Version 5 Design and Advanced Machining software (AMG, NCG, and NVG), as well as CATIA Version 4 Advanced Design & Detailing, with Multi Axis Machining. Along with the existing NCL multi-axis machining programming software, and recent addition of VERICUT proofing software, Dasco possesses the most advanced programming capability available.
September, 2002

Boeing Approves Quality Management System

The Boeing Company approves Dasco to the latest Boeing Quality Management System, D6-82479, Appendix A. This Quality System is based on ISO 9002;1994 supplemented by SAE AS9100;1999-11.  Appendix A represents the International Aerospace Quality System Standard for Quality Assurance in design, development, production, installation, and servicing.
July 22, 2002

Eclipse 500: 100 parts

Dasco is invited to the Roll-Out of the Eclipse 500 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. In addition to the cabin door assembly mentioned below, Dasco produced over 100 structural parts for the flight test aircraft.
January 2, 2002

6-Aix Bohner & Kohl

Dasco expands machining capability by the addition of a 6-Axis Bohner Kohl (BoKo) VH4/12 Universal Vertical Boring and Milling Machine. This machine has a work table envelope of 71" x 47"?, with table travel of 95" X-axis and 67" Y-axis. A unique feature of this machine is +100-100 spindle tilt, with 360 infinite table rotation. Heidenhain direct slide position feedback precision glass scales provide unsurpassed accuracy. The machine is equipped with a 30 HP, CAT- 50 taper spindle.
July 29, 2001

Destiny Labratory Module

Dasco components installed on the Destiny Laboratory Module were launched today on board Atlantis STS-98.   Dasco manufactured critical structural components that form a part of the 28 foot long, 14 foot diameter laboratory that Atlantis will transport to the International Space Station.